Dog Day Afternoon

October 14, 2009 / No Comments

It’s a raining, overcast day and my favorite Labs are sleeping at my feet.  I think they feel the laziness the dreary day brings.

Later, they will be up and about and I will take them on one of their daily long walks.  They have places to go, things to sniff and business to take care of.

Under my expert guidance they will lead me through grass, bushes, forests of trees and those tall grassy plants they love to water.  We sometimes meet friends of theirs and I wait for the obligatory sniffs and some playtime.

When they down to the important business of the day, I am their loyal servant and like a good employee clean up after them.

I used to recycle those plastic food and grocery bags, bread bags and other such stuff.  I then graduated to those plastic dog bags on a roll that you can put on your keychain, dog lease or even wear on a belt loop as an accouterment to your jeans ensemble.

What could I do to help make the dog droppings friendlier to the dump?  Aha!  Biodegradable bags!

I found two that are pretty good.

Bags On Board makes 100% biodegradable bags.  I recommend buying the 315-bag Value Pack.  With two Labs, you need a quantity of bags on hand.

BioBag has a twist to their biodegradable product; it is made from corn and is ASTM D6400 compliant (for those of you that keep track of the technical details).

California’s SB 1749, like other California laws, re-defines standard industry-accepted definitions to bend to the state’s peculiar politics.  So “biodegradable” in California is unique only to California’s quirky laws that often go over the edge of common sense.  Despite the additional restrictions and PC terminology, the BioBag manages to meet California’s proclamation.

Now a word to the wise and those prone to being squeamish: all biodegradable doggie bags let the smell seep through the surface of the bag.  The waste inside stays there and does not leak out, but the stench does.

According to my nose (and it does have quite a large internal surface area to detect odors) Bags on Board allows less aromas to escape.  This is very important when you are on a long walk and your dog decides to put business before play and you are literally left “holding the bag” for a long period of time.

Disclaimer (to avoid the Federal Blog Police)

  • Neither Bags On Board or BioBag have ever heard of me.  Neither one has paid me or provided me with other items or services in order to get a favorable review.
  • Neither one has paid me or provided me with other items or services in order to give their competitor a less than perfect or a bad review.
  • I had to buy the bags myself.