The Philippines Prepares to face Typhoon Lupit

October 19, 2009 / 2 Comments

typhoon lupit The Philippines Prepares to face Typhoon Lupit

After already having faced two powerful typhoons, the Ketsana and the Parma, the Philippines is now getting ready to face another typhoon. The category 4 typhoon Lupit is forecast to strike the Philippines on October 22 at 00:00 GMT. The Lupit has center winds at about 175kph, while wind gusts could go as high as 210kph.

The previous typhoons have affected the northern provinces, submerging 80% of the capital region and farmlands, and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to be displaced. Damage from these typhoons has been marked at $579 million in crops and infrastructure.

To prepare for the storm, local government officials have been asked to prepare for pre-emptive evacuation of residents. Evacuation may be required for those in low-lying areas, especially near the shoreline. The impending storm will likely destroy mobile homes, small homes near the shore, and poorly constructed signs, while damaging trees, foliage, small residences and larger structures. Authorities have already dispatched helicopters, rubber boats and engineering units to respond quickly to the situation.

Source: AlertNet