Environmentalism – It’s All About Money and Politics

October 20, 2009 / No Comments

La stadium 640x480 Environmentalism   Its All About Money and Politics

Friends of mine own some property.  They have about five acres of heavily wooded land with a stream running through.  The stream is cold and provides tasty water that is guaranteed to quench your thirst.

They have a small house and a back yard consisting of about one half of an acre planted with grass to provide a firebreak from the forest.  Just sit on the back porch and watch the deer and squirrels and an occasional mountain lion while sipping some ice tea.

The hopefully wait for the mailman to deliver news of a deer tag for their own area.  Once in a while they harvest a wild boar and keep themselves in the best bacon and pork you have ever tasted.

They have a great, relaxing time in the country.  They keep the back yard watered so the lawn is lush.  The stream provides the water.  They have a riding mower and keep their grass cut and compost the grass clippings for their large garden.

They regularly ride through the woods and pick up wood that falls from the trees and use it for heat during the winter.  That also helps reduce the fire hazards.

All was fine until some anonymous person called the county offices and said they were cutting down trees.  They do not need to cut down any trees since the wood that naturally falls to the ground provides more then they can use.

The county people came out and verified that they did not find any evidence of trees being cut down.  They did, however, site them for cutting their grass!

There is a regulation in their county that you cannot modify the lad around any creek or stream.  You have to give between 50 and 100 feet clearance where you cannot even cut the grass.  This is done in the name of protecting the stream an allowing it to remain “in its natural state.

They volunteered to remove the grass from that area since they had planted it to prevent erosion.  The natural state of the stream was bare banks and just dirt on either side.  No, they had to leave the grass and not cut it.  By they way, they were not allowed to water the grass either!

They are just waiting for the next fire to wipe them out as now they have no firebreak.  Oh, by the way, they have to buy their firewood now, as they are not allowed to gather the deadwood from their own land.  This does not make any sense as trees will be cut down for them to buy their firewood to keep themselves warm.

Before they just gathered what was on the ground.  Where is the ecological sense in this?

Enter the California legislature.  This august body of politicians has created the most restrictive ecological set of rules in the entire United States.  Some of the rules are good and protect legitimate resources; others make no sense.

Enter the Governor.  He just signed waivers written by the legislature.  I’ll give you a guess what the waivers were for…….. Times up!!!

Majestic Realty Co. will not need to perform any environmental studies when they clear land and build a huge sports stadium and a behemoth of a parking lot.

I would bet that the Majestic Reality Company contributed to California politicians.

The new stadium will provide “6,700 new jobs created because of the stadium, causing an addition $21 million in new tax revenue and $762 million in new economic activity” reports NBC Los Angeles.

I doubt the new jobs figure since they are looking at taking a football team from another location.  This will result in a loss of jobs for the old stadium employees.

Just follow the money and see who benefits from this project.