VW Pholeum Concept Hearts Sustainability, Personal Mobility

October 21, 2009 / 1 Comment

vw pholeum concept VW Pholeum Concept Hearts Sustainability, Personal Mobility

The Volkswagen Pholeum concept from designer Alexei Mikhailov is inspired by the living plant cell tissue system. It is designed as a personal mobility unit, with room for just one person. The concept offers mobility and motorcycle-like travel, while taking a chariot form for seating. Wheels placed out of the body add to its looks and allow it to maneuver in any direction.

Sustainability is a highlight of the concept which features wheels made from bio-degradable rubber, the chassis is an aluminum alloy with honeycomb structure that makes it lighter and stronger, and the body panels are made of recyclable memory plastic. Use of memory plastic also has an added advantage of making repairs of the body easier in case of scratchs, dents or even major damage.

Safety is mainly handled by external airbag systems, with two airbags in the doorpod and others in each wheel. If the sensors detect an imminent collision, the airbags get into action to save the driver. Moving each wheel of the concept are in-wheel motors powered by hydrogen fuel cells. These motors also function as brakes, generating energy through a regenerative system at the same time.

Source: Industrial Design Served