Aeronautic Engineering Influences Eco Fashion With ‘6 Degrees’

October 23, 2009 / No Comments

renee corrick 6 degrees 1 Aeronautic Engineering Influences Eco Fashion With 6 Degrees

Aeronautics and Fashion may be world’s apart, but they come together seamlessly in the work of former aeronautic engineer and present fashion designer Renee Corrick. She gave up aeronautic engineering and after taking some classes in Australia and at Seattle’s New York Fashion Academy, Renee became a full-fledged apparel designer.

Weird, futuristic-looking clothes is what would generally come to mind with a combination of aeronautic engineering and fashion design for environmentally friendly apparel. That however, is not the case with Renee’s designs.

Her line, “6 Degrees” looks fashionable and cool, and not at all weird. It was the desire for a healthy and happy planet, and the belief that “fashion can be responsible without sacrificing personal style” which helped Renee realize this collection.

Displayed at the EcoLavish fashion show in Seattle, the clothes are made from organic and fair-trade materials. The designer’s favorite material is luxurious hemp/silk charmeuse, though she plans to use organic wool in the future.

Source: ecouterre