Industrial Building Given a Modern, Eco-friendly Facelift

October 23, 2009 / No Comments

koll airport center 1 Industrial Building Given a Modern, Eco friendly Facelift

Looking at the LEED Silver building, or the Koll Airport Professional Center it would be difficult to believe that this was once an industrial building. The old building wasn’t razed to the ground to build this one, in fact, LPA Inc., which was hired by the Koll Company, has transformed the old building giving it a new look.

Environmental credentials of the building are strong, they are so good that it exceeds California’s Title 24 energy code by more than 17%. To go green all this way, LPA used things like high performance plumbing to reduce potable water use by 40%, another 50% reduction in potable water use comes from a high efficiency irrigation system and 76% of the exterior walls have been carried over from the previous building.

Other noteworthy things include high efficiency lighting, rigid insulation and single ply white PVC cool roof, use of low-E coated glass for perimeter glazing, and deep set windows with louvered canopies and shades. To keep up with its green credentials, the building has a preferred parking space for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Source: Jetson Green