Monster HD IR 2550 High Definition PowerCenter™ w/ Green Power

October 24, 2009 / 1 Comment

Monster HDPIR2550 Glam001 Monster HD IR 2550 High Definition PowerCenter™ w/ Green Power

Do you own a home entertainment center that is the envy of the neighborhood?  Do you have friends or neighbors chide you that the only GREEN in your living room is the color of the larger than life Eagles football players seemingly doing their end zone dance at your feet?

If the above is true or you just want to save some energy, I have the device for you.  At just under $500.00 (a pittance if you have a home entertainment center with big-screen plasma displays and a thumpin’, bone-rattling sound system) This power distribution unit protects all your equipment from brownouts and blackouts (Like California experiences on most hot summers).  It also protects against surges and other nastiness bent on destroying your equipment.

The PowerCenter has some cool features:

  • The power protection completely disconnects your equipment from the power source and monitors the hot and neutral lines for abnormalities.  It will not connect you back until all problems are resolved.
  • It has an IR receiver for complete remote control.
  • It protects all your telephone, cable and satellite cable connections.
  • The PowerCenter™ (HD IR 2550) provides clean power filtering and ground loop isolation for noise-free audio and video presentations.
  • The front panel provides additional power outlets behind a door and provides USB connections for camcorders, iPods and other devices.
  • It has PLC (Power Line Communications) support so it can interact with other equipment over your house AC lines.

Best of all, they have “Green Power which completely powers down the equipment when not in use so you can save energy plus also extend your equipment life.  So, only power up your entertainment system components when you are using them and be kind to the environment and still be able to enjoy life.

If you are financially challenged in this economy, do not despair!  You can have a nice power controller for under $130.  The Monster GreenPower™ HDP 900G PowerCenter™ is for your more modest entertainment setup.

Monster HDP 900G V3W Monster HD IR 2550 High Definition PowerCenter™ w/ Green Power

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