Rare White Lion Cubs Ready for the Public Eye

October 26, 2009 / No Comments

white lion cubs Rare White Lion Cubs Ready for the Public Eye

People visiting the West Midlands Safari Park near Bewdley in Worcestershire, UK will get a chance to see a very rare sight. Three white lion cubs in the Safari Park are now old enough to be viewed by the public. White lions as it is, are a very rare breed, with a count in 2004 putting their number at just 30. Since they are easily identifiable by their prey and hunters due to their color, not many white lions survive in the wild, they are though, bred specially in zoos.

The lion cubs in question are nearly 12 weeks old, and will be viewed by the public for the first time. Each of them weighed 33lbs when born, but now they have of course grown big enough to play with each other and older lions outside their large outdoor enclosure.

White lions hail from the Kruger subspecies of lion, and are a (rare) color mutation of this subspecies.

Source: Telegraph