Green Keyboards and Mice from Tonggu Kinbamboo Industry Co

October 28, 2009 / No Comments

Everyone complains about the electronic waste resulting from America’s prosperity, particularly from individual ownership of personal computers.  It does seem that a computer will last you around five years at the most and then will be underpowered to even boot the latest operating system, let alone the programs we use.

Well, there is salvation for your greenness.  Keyboards and mice are being made from sustainable, replaceable and grown material.

I came across a company that makes the keyboards and mice out of bamboo.  They are cool looking and will accent your office very nicely, whether you have laid it out according to Feng Shui principals or not.

They are actually not colored green but they go well with just about most decors.  By the way, you can also get your office floor to match or even in a dyed contrasting color.

Don’t worry, the cute Pandas are not going to starve.  Bamboo grows fast and when it gets to the maturity to use it for building materials, it is useless as a food source.

Tonggu Kinbamboo Industry Co., Ltd has a lot of different styles to fit your particular tastes.  It is made in China, so maybe China is paying a little attention to the environment.