Dubai’s Technosphere to Imitate the Earth

October 29, 2009 / 2 Comments

technosphere 1 Dubais Technosphere to Imitate the Earth

The proposed Technosphere for Dubai’s Technopark, will be a giant carbon neutral building meant to show the state of the earth in current and future times. It replicates the earth as a structural concept, and studies the issues of self-sustaining life on a smaller level.

Designed by James Law Cybertecture, the Technosphere would have enough room to accommodate office space, residential space, a hotel and public courtyards.

The structure will prove its self sustainable and carbon neutral credentials with a number of innovations to make this miniature earth what it intends to be. The exterior of the structure will house solar panels to provide requisite energy for its inhabitants. The interiors will be shielded from the sun by a sky garden, which will also function as an air purifier to keep a steady supply of fresh oxygen going.

The Technosphere is going to be economical with its water use as well, and water inside the structure will be recycled and used efficiently.

Source: Inhabitat