Austrian Designer Proposes Sustainable Fabric Made From Body’s Bacteria

October 30, 2009 / 2 Comments

bacteria clothing 1 Austrian Designer Proposes Sustainable Fabric Made From Bodys Bacteria

Austrian designer Sonja Baumel has a proposal that is interesting and appalling at the same time. The designer is at work on a project called “(In)visible Membranes: Life on the Human Body and Its Design Applications.” As the name of the project suggests, the Life on the Human Body is a reference to the invisible skin bacteria on our skins, and the Design Applications are fabrics made from these bacteria.

Using bacteria for clothing may sound appalling, but the designer says that since the human body is a large host of bacteria, it may as well wear sustainable clothing created from these organisms.

An interesting experiment by the designer is the “Crocheted Membrane.” This experiment is a visualization of the growth of bacteria to create complex fiber layers. These fibers build up in areas that require the most warmth and insulation, creating an organic, body hugging silhouette. The designer displayed her concept at the Dutch Design Week.

Source: ecouterre