Energy Sun-Bag: Carry Solar Power Along

October 30, 2009 / No Comments

solar bag Energy Sun Bag: Carry Solar Power Along

The Sun-Bag is rather straightforward in its approach, especially by proclaiming its solar powered status loud and clear. Its size is big enough to be of practical use, and it is actually more practical with the claim of being the “lightest solar energy bag available on the market.”

That claim assumes importance considering that the bag has to deal with solar panels, wires, batteries and the like. These things could make a bag rather heavy, but at 500 grams, the Sun-Bag won’t be much of a problem.

It certainly does not have killer looks, but then it isn’t ugly either. Also, it has customization options in form of availability in 37 colors and optional custom printing to go along.

The solar panels placed up front on the bag generate 1.4 Watts of power, which can be used to charge 5-Volt devices like mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras and the like. Sun-Bag comes carrying a price tag of US$150, even though it isn’t currently available in the US market.

Source: TreeHugger