Solar Monorail Proposed for Bologna

November 2, 2009 / No Comments

solar monorail 1 Solar Monorail Proposed for Bologna

Designers and architects Iosa Ghini Associati have proposed a solar powered monorail system for the city of Bologna, Italy. Called Energy Belt, the 5084 meter long system will connect the airport to the city center. The monorail will operate at heights varying from 7 meters to 25 meters, will have an intermediate stop at Lazzaretto, and will be entirely powered by solar energy collected by photovoltaic panels placed at the track’s southwest side to maximize energy gain.

Stations along the route have been designed to serve as vertical gardens, thus providing natural insulation, protection from the elements and filtering the air. The entire system has been designed to have minimum impact on the landscape. The system is fast, convenient and will provide commuters with a very viable alternative for travel on the said route.

During its lower positions, when the monorail is just 7 meters above the ground, the structure broadens to include pedestrian walkways, while as it goes higher, it turns sleek, and takes on a lightweight appearance. Another interesting aspect is the inclusion of a pass over a major motorway, creating a landmark, a visual treat and sort of a “city gate” in one graceful arc.

Source: Inhabitat