Sparks LEDs Create Beautiful, Sculptural Lighting

November 5, 2009 / No Comments

spark lights1 Sparks LEDs Create Beautiful, Sculptural Lighting

Indoor lighting accounts for nearly 15% of energy use in most of the households, and while new technologies are working to drastically reduce this energy consumption, things like Sparks LEDs could prove very useful. This design from Daniel Becker uses energy efficient LED light bulbs, which can be put together to create a striking light sculpture.

It is not very difficult to create the light sculpture, the design can be put together and dismantled the same way as one would screw or unscrew a traditional light bulb. But of course, the Sparks offer a lot of creative, aesthetic and environmental advantages over those plain old light bulbs.

These structures can be put together in a number of ways to suit the personal preferences of the user, and require no technical expertise to install, making the design all the more alluring. Spark lights can be installed indoors and outdoors, and their suction cups make it possible to put them on walls as well.

Source: Inhabitat