Architect Proposes Artificial Mountain for Berlin

November 10, 2009 / No Comments

the berg1 Architect Proposes Artificial Mountain for Berlin
Architect Jacob Tigges has proposed a rather strange plan for the city of Berlin, an artificial mountain. This artificial mountain will be called “The Berg” and the plan is to create the 1000 meter high mountain at the sight of Berlin’s former Tempelhof airport.

If completed, The Berg would be the largest man made mountain in the world, and its snow-capped top and slope would provide an ideal location for skiing. The architect, in fact believes that the mountain would be an iconic landmark of the city, and that it would likely incite other cities and regions like Hamburg, Munich or even the Middle-East to create their very own “copies” of Berlin’s mountain.

As it is, the idea has received some support, and has appeared in the German press as well. But all that may be because of the novelty factor attached. Efforts to create a project on this scale will have to face a lot of trouble, not to mention that it does not do any well for the environment, and may also effect the city’s ecological system to some extent.

Source: Inhabitat