Biologist Takes a Trip to the Amazing World of the Giant Manta Ray

November 11, 2009 / 3 Comments

manta ray1 Biologist Takes a Trip to the Amazing World of the Giant Manta Ray

Precious little is known about the giant manta ray fish, and Biologist Andrea Marshall got to know them slightly better thanks to a first hand experience with the fish. She calls them “the most beautiful underwater birds” and simply looking at the images, we can clearly understand what she means.

The biologist had a chance to swim with these “mysterious” fishes off the coast of Mozambique, and she returned with a wealth of information. Until recently, it was believed that the fish has only one species, but Dr. Marshall found that some of the manta rays lived and behaved differently, and was able to identify one new species of the manta ray.

She also found that the manta ray migrates nearly 700 miles to reach the Maldives, which is also a unique gathering place for pregnant reef mantas and could be critical for the survival of the species. Most manta rays give birth to a single pup once in a year, but they rarely do this two years in a row. The beautiful fish are falling prey to unregulated fishing due to their demand in traditional Chinese remedies.

Source: Mail Online

  • NatureGuy

    Hey Andrea, how would you like it if a stingray came up and stabbed you in your butt with a stick, tagging YOU so that it could track YOUR movements on land?? I just watched Animal Kingdom, and the way you stabbed that one stingray was downright violent, and insensitive. I think you even hurt it, considering how fast it shot off away from you, AND considering the fact that the stick was in essence a sharp spear!!

    You scientists….you have no real respect for nature, other than for what discoveries you can take from it. And you have no respect for other life forms, either.

    That stingray you ASSAULTED….I bet it won’t come NEAR a human in the water again, specifically because of what you did!!

  • Birth Of a Manta Ray


    Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thank you.

  • Sparrow LaPoint

    Biologist Andrea Marshall, I personally witnessed seeing a HUGE Giant Manta Ray “FLY OUT, ABOVE THE WATER ONE DAY”, at Mayport Beach, Mayport Navy Base, Mayport, Florida, Was VERY low tide, and was about 20′ x30′ about the size of an average Livingroom! I was sitting on my surf board, watching the ocean intently ’cause this older guy had yelled over to me; saying that HE saw a shark fin out quite far away … my first thought was that he was trying to scare me … ’cause I was one of only two GIRL SURFERS back in the day. (Between 1970-1972.)Then I saw this huge RAY fly out of the water … before I had EVER heard that they existed that big! I was about 14 or so. The Manta was quite far away but HUGE!!! It was a day after an exceptionally big, hard-hitting ATLANTIC storm had hit . Living at the beach, as a Navy Captain’s Daughter, I was always walking the beach, collecting unusual sea creatures for our Seawater Aquarium, and surfing, ( well, mostly paddling a lot!) WAs one of THE MOST AMAZING THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! Sincerely Sparrow LaPoint, aka Laura E. W.