South Park Creators Have a Sustainably Built Retreat

November 13, 2009 / 2 Comments

southpark house South Park Creators Have a Sustainably Built Retreat

South Park is best known for its dark, politically incorrect humor, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park seem to environmentally correct, at least for some part of it. The duo recently gave the world a peek at their Colorado Gateway retreat. The retreat is built in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way.

Built by a firm called Trilogy Partners, the home has a number of sustainable parts to show off. Exterior siding and interior flooring for the home is made of reclaimed wood, it has recycled carpeting, and the beams supporting the ceiling had their previous life at a railroad trestle.

Energy efficient systems are also at work in the home, with high-efficiency boiler systems, energy-efficient insulation, and radiating heating that can be shut off for unoccupied zones. The huge house of course has a lot of environment friendliness to show, though it may not actually be all that green considering it is used only for a few days in the year, and the big house would be an energy sucker when occupied. But then it is built sustainably, and that’s a good start.

Source: Ecorazzi