Kris Kuksi’s Toy Sculptures are Nothing Like Toys

November 20, 2009 / No Comments

chris kuksi 3 Kris Kuksis Toy Sculptures are Nothing Like Toys

Sculptor Kris Kuksi’s excellence makes itself evident with these sculptures. Amazing as they look, they are in fact upcycled examples of old, discarded toys. The sculptor uses discarded toys to create these haunting sculptures that carry a medieval-ancient look.

Old toys do make a major part of the sculptures, but the artist also uses other items like statues, mechanical part, or other discarded items he can put to use.

According to the artist, he sees the grotesque as beautiful, has a feeling of belonging to the “old world”, and a distaste for the typical American life and pop culture. These thoughts and factors show themselves quite clearly in his sculptures, which look weird, and to some level, even scary.

The sculptures are detailed and interesting, and the finished product comes straight from the imagination of the artist. His sculptures are very different from “original” items used which gives them more appeal and character.

Via: Inhabitat