Reusing Lightbulbs Creatively – Turn One Into a Terrarium

November 30, 2009 / No Comments

lifehacker terrarium Reusing Lightbulbs Creatively   Turn One Into a Terrarium

Incandescent light bulbs are becoming more and more rarely used, being replaced by  more efficient solutions. However, don’t be quick to throw your old ones out – you may still be able to do some interesting things with it. For example, turn it into a small terrarium for moss and other small vegetation.

BoingBoing have shown quite an interesting design, turning a simple light bulb into a steampunk-reminiscent contraption that ultimately grows moss inside of the bulb. It looks very cool, and comes at the stunningly low $15.

Lifehacker have posted instructions on how to create your own mini terrarium from a light bulb, complete with example pictures of their own such creations.

It’s funny how many interesting uses people are coming up with for the simple old light bulb. We won’t be seeing much of those around us in the coming years, so you’d best hold on to the ones you have so that you can turn them into simple, yet delightful projects like these in the future – you never know, it might even turn into a collector’s item!