Concept For Solar-Powered Hat and Gloves to Warm You in The Winter

December 1, 2009 / No Comments

solar hat concept Concept For Solar Powered Hat and Gloves to Warm You in The Winter

Yiran Qian, a German resident, came up with an interesting concept called “Endless Warm”. The idea incorporates solar panels into a common hat and a pair of gloves, using the generated power to heat the clothing articles.

The concept certainly strikes with something that a lot of other similar ones lack – appeal. For some reason, most of the concepts for solar-powered clothing that come out today are downright ugly – we still remember the case of a solar powered vest that was shown a while ago – the thing was basically a fisherman’s vest with a huge text saying “SOLAR VEST” on the back. The hat and gloves, on the other hand, implement the solar panels as stylish ornaments instead of dull-looking square panels.

If the power generated is used directly for heating – without storing it in a battery that takes up space – this could become a great idea that will easily be used by a lot of people. So far, the main problem with solar clothing has been the looks – and this concept certainly manages to overcome that barrier.

[ Via TreeHugger ]