Chevrolet Volt to Begin Selling in California Next Year

December 2, 2009 / No Comments

ChevyVoltGreenHouse03 610x406 Chevrolet Volt to Begin Selling in California Next Year

General Motors have announced that California will be their primary market for the Chevy Volt, when the car is released about a year from now. According to Brent Deware, vice president of global Chevrolet brand in GM, California was chosen because it’s the largest car market in the US, and also known for adopting new technologies easily.

The car’s production is expected to start late in 2010. The price for the 2011 model hasn’t been announced officially yet, though the company’s ex-CEO Fritz Henderson noted it would be $40,000 in a statement earlier this year. The car is expected to be able to go on for about 40 miles on electrical power alone, after which it switches over to a combination of an engine and a generator. GM’s predictions are that the electricity mileage should be more than enough for most people’s daily needs, with the engine-generator combo providing an efficient solution for longer rides.

Electric cars are still somewhat of a novelty, and public reactions are not easily predictable. In addition, the technology hasn’t yet been extensively tested in real-world conditions, especially harsh ones, so it’s still unknown how they’ll behave.

[ Via CNET ]

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