Data Center Powered Entirely by Wind

December 3, 2009 / No Comments

2 Data Center Powered Entirely by Wind

In Woodstock, Illinois, Other World Computing’s laboratory has managed to get 100% of its needed power through wind turbines placed on-site. The turbines used are 39 meters in diameter, with a capacity of 500 kilowatts. The estimated output is around 1,250,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. OWC are running other operations as well, but this one uses about twice as much as any of the previous ones.

The data center’s power system is tied to the city’s, so it can provide its excess power to it. Likewise, in times of slow winds, the data center will be able to use the grid as a backup. The facility is currently generating power well in excess of its needs, and in addition to that, it’s about to receive a LEED Platinum certification.

The wind turbines aren’t the only green thing about the lab, as it also has ground-source heat pump systems to provide the cooling of the computers, lighting is provided through fiber-optic systems on the roof, and the building is full of occupancy sensors. Every water-related facility is designed in an efficient way, and the company has an internal recycling program as well.

[ Via Yahoo! News ]