TURN Rotating Fireplace Keeps You Warm

December 3, 2009 / No Comments

turning fire place TURN Rotating Fireplace Keeps You Warm

Schweiger & Viererbl have designed a very efficient solution for room heating which is also magnificent to look at. The TURN rotating fireplace can evenly disperse heat in a room, rotating along a vertical axis. It can also be locked in place in small increments. This very effectively solves the problem of evenly heating a room with a fireplace, as some parts of the room always remain cold with the standard design.

As an added bonus, you no longer have to stand in one specific place to enjoy the great view offered by the fireplace. It’s now possible to see it from everywhere in the room, which can easily attribute to its coziness factor. Using this fireplace also means that you’ll have to use less wood to achieve the desired effect, so this will help you keep warm without harming nature too much.

If you’ve never been satisfied with how your fireplace heats up your room (or doesn’t), now you can make a change. This clever design should allow you to get the best out of your room’s heating.

[ Via TreeHugger ]