Green Treehouse Makes the Perfect Learning Environment

December 4, 2009 / No Comments

Camp Twin Lakes Green Tree House Green Treehouse Makes the Perfect Learning Environment

Some architects at Lord, Aeck & Sargent have managed to create an amazing treehouse that easily stands out as a marvel of architecture, while also being very nature-friendly. The treehouse is located in Camp Twin Lakes, a camp for kids with special needs. It’s completely wheelchair accessible, giving handicapped children an opportunity to come in contact with nature and learn about it.

There’s plenty of room inside, including a main room in which environmental arts and crafts can be practiced, a special room for the children’s drumming sessions, as well as a room for storytelling and general activity. There’s also a deck which spans over 600 square feet, offering astounding views of the scenery through large screens.

The facilities inside the treehouse have been designed with the environment in mind, and they’re all very efficient in terms of water and energy, where applicable. This allows the children to learn how they can help save nature and preserve its resources – like a solar array, a roof garden, and two dry composting toilets. Overall, this treehouse easily makes the campers’ stay both a fun and useful one.

[ Via Inhabitat ]