DOE Offering $100 Million for Revolutionary Energy Technology

December 7, 2009 / No Comments

Clipboard01 DOE Offering $100 Million for Revolutionary Energy Technology

The Department Of Energy has given a $100 million stimulus to researchers involved in various green energy projects. There are three main projects which are being funded this way, each of them aimed at solving a specific energy-related problem. The three projects are more efficient fuels, capturing carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants, and inventing batteries for electric cars which can last for long trips.

These three projects accurately reflect the intentions of the DOA in terms of developing the energy technology. The three project topics in more detail are as follows:

• Innovative Materials & Processes for Advanced Carbon Capture Technologies (IMPACCT) – capturing CO2 emissions from coal plants is a priority right now, as a large portion of the world’s energy comes from such plants. Three projects are going to benefit from the funding, totaling $3.18 million being invested in this type of research.

• Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation (BEEST) – currently, the biggest limitation in electric cars is the battery capacity. Modern models can only last for up to about 100 miles on electric power alone.

• The Electrofuels program at ARPA-E aims at creating new types of fuels, synthesized from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Specifically, the program seeks to utilize biological processes using microorganisms, which could result in a 10-times increase in fuel efficiency.

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