Asakusa Tree House: Modern Housing Built Like a Tree

December 8, 2009 / No Comments

asakusa tree house1 Asakusa Tree House: Modern Housing Built Like a Tree

The Asakusa Tree House is the work of Japanese firm Ryuichi Ashizawa architects. Being built on a 30 meter square piece of land, the under-construction house gets elements from modern as well as traditional Japanese architecture, and the natural advantages of a tree-like construction.

The concept has interwining structural columns to support slabs on each floor. These slabs in turn, have soil intended to grow local plants. The house is unlikely to have fixed walls, it will, instead, have the traditional Japanese style movable walls, like the shoji or the fusuma. Architects hope that the building will be able to generate most of its required energy, and that the generated energy would be circulated the same way as a tree circulates air.

Natural energy sources for the building include light, wind and rain. Structural pillars/pipes also have minimized facility lines to ensure that the house is not in short supply of energy and basic requirements. Architects from Ryuichi Ashizawa say “this is a project for reconstructing the relation between nature, human, and architecture.” And it very much does sound so.

Source: Designboom