321 Water Bottle Inches From Concept to Reality

December 9, 2009 / 1 Comment

321 water bottle 321 Water Bottle Inches From Concept to Reality

The 321 Water Bottle was first displayed as a concept back in January. Nearly a year has passed since then, and the designers of the bottle have now decided to put the bottle into production. The French-Press style water filter bottle recently received a People’s Choice Award on Australian TV Show The New Inventors.

It’s designers claim that the 321 is one of the first BPA free bottles to be manufactured in Australia, and they have a very optimistic vision for the bottle, and the environment goodness it brings along. By an estimate, nearly 80,000 tons of disposable water bottles land up in Australian landfills every year. Clearly, if widely adopted, the new bottle will have a marked positive effect in reducing the mountain of water bottle trash.

The user is required to fill the bottle with tap water, insert the filtration system, and slowly push down to finally get clean water. These bottles are currently on pre-order for AU$32.10, and if they receive 10,000 orders by the end of March 2010, the bottles will see the light of production. Currently, orders are being accepted from only Australian buyers.

Source: TreeHugger