Fuel Cell Boat’s First Cruise Through Amsterdam’s Canals

December 9, 2009 / No Comments

default Fuel Cell Boats First Cruise Through Amsterdams Canals

A canal boat using fuel cells for power made its first cruise this Wednesday. The “Nemo H2” has a capacity of 87 passengers, and is the first boat to utilize new fuel cell technology, which combines hydrogen and oxygen to create electrical power and water – while also leaving no harmful traces in the environment, emitting only water vapor.

Amsterdam sees a lot of canal cruises every day, and it’s important to find cleaner ways to make this possible. Other programs targeted at this have been introduced as well – for example, starting from the spring, customers will have an option of going on a “CO2 Zero Canal Cruise”, costing them an extra 50 Euro cents, which goes directly into funding carbon-reducing technology.

The boat currently costs about twice as much as a regular boat to build, and needs to be recharged every day at a hydrogen dispensing station – as opposed to the weekly refills of regular boats. However,  researchers are confident that the boat will justify its costs as more of it are produced, and as hydrogen distribution was developed further.

[ Via Yahoo! Green ]