World’s First Green Search Engine Now Running Tree-Planting E-Mail

December 9, 2009 / No Comments

treehoo search mail Worlds First Green Search Engine Now Running Tree Planting E Mail

Treehoo, the first search engine to be introduced with a “green” title, has been running for only a year, but it’s already building massive popularity with Internet users – and not just the nature-concerned ones. And now, the company has launched another initiative aimed at improving the world’s nature conditions – half of the profit the company makes from its new e-mail service will be used to plant trees in third-world countries – or, roughly speaking, about one tree for every 20 e-mails sent.

The company was already running a similar program with the income generated from their searches – and according to them, at least 10 000 trees have been planted so far with money generated from searches – and now, with e-mails making even more, those numbers will surely rise even further.

The company’s main goal is to reforest the planet, as according to Pedro Bentancour, its founder, this is the only way to stop global warming for good. The concept is great, and it’s already working – all it needs is your support. So head over to Treehoo and start sending mails now!

[ Via Treehugger ]