Canada’s Loyalty One Building Gets the Country’s Largest Rooftop Solar Panel Array

December 10, 2009 / 1 Comment

loyalty one carport with solar panels and plug in car Canadas Loyalty One Building Gets the Countrys Largest Rooftop Solar Panel Array

The Loyalty One building, from where the Air Miles rewards programs are managed, has just been equipped with the biggest rooftop solar panel system in the entire Canada. The system’s capacity isn’t that impressive compared to other installations around the world – just 165 kW, but it’s perfectly enough for the entire building, thanks to the LEED silver and gold certifications.

All of the solar panels are positioned along the rooftop of the building, with some being used on a carport attached to it. The system generates enough power for 16 medium-sized households. The building itself was built from the ground up with being green in mind – the interior was designed according to LEED Gold standards, and the exterior was designed by LEED Silver standards. This made it much more easier to implement an efficient solar-powered solution, as the building’s power requirements are lower than usual.

The inverters have been designed in such a way so that employees and guests can see the solar panels’ power output in real time. The carport (which is also solar-powered) is reserved only for employees with highly efficient vehicles, as well as those who ride bicycles to work.

[ Via Treehugger ]