Chinese Architects Plan an “Urban Forest” in Chongqing City

December 10, 2009 / No Comments

urban forest1 Chinese Architects Plan an Urban Forest in Chongqing City

Beijing architects MAD may have a weird name, and their idea of an “Urban Forest” skyscraper in Chongqing city may exactly echo their name, but if they are able to pull off the 385 meters high metropolitan cultural complex, entire cityscapes could change. The Urban Forest will not look like conventional buildings, and not even have a conventional floor structure. It will, in fact, have stacks of floors, with each of them shifted horizontally to create space for gardens and patios.

The idea sounds a bit like the Asakusa Tree House we saw earlier, only, this one is on a much larger scale. The Chongqing city is amongst the youngest in China, and has a huge area and potential to grow into a modern, well developed center. Environmentally friendly architectures like these may help the city turn into a modern center.

While some renderings may make the skyscraper look incoherent and even unrealizable, a closer look shows that it may be possible to build, and even put to good use.

Source: Dezeen