Plain-old Cans Upcycled Into Speakers

December 10, 2009 / No Comments

audio can Plain old Cans Upcycled Into Speakers

There is a whole lot of stuff ranging from edibles to supplies that comes in a can, and when used up, the landfill is the place to go for these cans. A few of them may be saved from going to landfills, and a lot more may be saved by the upcycled “Audio Cans” created by Dean Brown.

These Audio Cans are regular metal cans converted into speakers, each with a built-in amplifier and audio input. These cans of course do not have a very high output, but they could be companions to the mp3 player and be used at places where music is more of an ambient companion and it is possible to trade volume and features for portability and simplicity. This could in fact be a very good alternative to the hordes of similar speakers available for portable music players.

Decoration for audio cans has been kept to a minimum, and they haven’t been overly stylized. You may choose to use the cans as standalone speakers, or daisy chain them for a somewhat surround sound effect. Each can costs nearly US$45.

Source: Core77