Sonic Fabric’s Playable Fedoras Made of Recycled Cassette Tape

December 11, 2009 / No Comments

sonic fedoras Sonic Fabrics Playable Fedoras Made of Recycled Cassette Tape

Sonic Fabric’s fedoras combine three great things: fashion, music and recycling. The good old cassette tapes are obsolete now, but designers Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar have found a great use for them. They have playable neckties on offer, and are now offering these playable fedoras created old-school style.

The Sonic Fabric is about 50% recycled cassette tape, while the other half is colored polyester. Staying quite true to its name, the sonic fabric can actually produce sound, all you need to do is find a tape head and run it across the fabric surface. Granted, the sound quality isn’t going to be amazing, or perhaps even good, but the sheer innovativeness and freshness of the idea is what sells it.

The fedoras are made to order and are available in dark brown and black, each carrying a price tag of $165. Cassette tape used in the fedoras is recorded with “sound collages” Santoro’s CD Between Stations.

Source: ecouterre