“Global Warming” and “Climate Change” Most Popular Terms of the Last Decade

December 15, 2009 / 2 Comments

1838541043 f79f84a2a8 Global Warming and Climate Change Most Popular Terms of the Last Decade

The public attention for the Earth’s problems has been on the rise for the last few years, and that’s definitely a good thing – and according to the Global Language Monitor, based in Austin, Texas, the two most popular phrases of the last decade were “global warming” and “climate change”.

The GLM has been analyzing the language and trace word use since 1994. This year, it analyzed the Internet and various media sources to determine which terms were most often used during the past decade – from 2000 to 2009. “Global warming” heads the “top words” list, while “climate change” is first in the “top phrases” one. Here are the top 10 lists for both categories:

Top words of the decade from 2000 – 2009

  1. Global warming
  2. 9/11
  3. Obama
  4. Bailout
  5. Evacuee/refugee
  6. Derivative
  7. Google
  8. Surge
  9. Chinglish
  10. Tsunami

Top phrases of the decade from 2000 – 2009

  1. Climate change
  2. Financial tsunami
  3. Ground Zero
  4. War on terror
  5. Weapons of mass destruction
  6. Swine flu
  7. “Let’s roll!”
  8. Red state/blue state
  9. Carbon footprint
  10. Shock and awe

It’s not just those, either – “hybrid”, “sustainable”, and many other nature-related words can be found in “top” lists from the past decade.