Ace Plug Reminds You to Unplug the TV

December 16, 2009 / No Comments

annoying plug idea Ace Plug Reminds You to Unplug the TV

Unplugging your appliances is one of the most logical ways to conserve power. However, there are many appliances which continue to drain power even after they’ve been switched off, and we often forget to unplug them – a TV is a good example of that. Three designers – Lai You Cheng, Liu Kai Ping & Liu Chen Guang – have invented a plug that uses irritation to remind you to unplug your devices.

The device, called the Ace Plug, basically works as follows: while the appliance to which the plug is attached is working, everything is silent. However, if you switch off the device and forget to unplug it, the plug starts emitting very annoying noises, which can easily drive you nuts.

This sounds like a good idea, actually – considering your plugs are easily accessible, you can use the Ace Plug to train yourself to unplug certain devices until you’ve gotten used to the habit. As an added bonus, you can also use the light built in the plug to illuminate your sockets in the dark so you can see what you’re doing.

[ Source: Treehugger ]