Rinspeed May Unveil “Train Compatible” UC? Concept at Geneva

December 16, 2009 / No Comments

uc concept Rinspeed May Unveil Train Compatible UC? Concept at Geneva

Rinspeed has a history of bringing oddly fantastic and interesting concepts to the Geneva Motors Show. The next year’s show may see the unveiling of the strangely named UC? concept, is a small electric car that could hitch a ride in the train. Measuring just 2.5 meters in length, the electric car has about the same dimensions as the Smart ForTwo, and Rinspeed says the concept could have a perpendicular parking just like the Smart.

While traveling, the commuter could drive in the car in to the train, where the electric vehicle would be parked perpendicularly, and perhaps even charged. As the travelers reaches the intended destination, they may simply drive the car out. An obvious advantage of such an approach would be eliminating the last mile problem, thus providing commuters a reason to use public transport, rather than simply drive their vehicles to avoid an uncomfortable walk to the bus stop/ train station. Also, traveling in the train and getting an opportunity to charge will wonders for the concept with a 75 mile range.

Via: Autoblog Green