Youths Start a Sit-In at the International Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen

December 16, 2009 / No Comments

screenshot Youths Start a Sit In at the International Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen

Today, at 5 PM, during the opening of the high level segment of the international climate change negotiations for this year, a small group of around thirty people from various countries began a sit-in. The youths refused to leave the talks until they’ve seen the reaching of an ambitious, fair and legally binding treaty.

There were people from many countries – both developing and developed – in the group, and 10 of them were Canadian. The sit-in was started at the main hall of the UN conference Bella Center, where in the following days more than 110 heads of government are expected to arrive.

The protesters held a petition repeating their demands, which had more than 11 million signatures – and they started reading their names out loud.

The agreement the protesters were requesting is really needed in order to prevent any unforeseen consequences due to climate change, and to help stimulate the development of green technology. See below for a video of the protests at the conference, released just now:

[ Via Huffington Post ]