GE Wants a Greener Santa, Designs a New Sleigh

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

ge santa sleigh GE Wants a Greener Santa, Designs a New Sleigh

General Electric, the thoughtful corporate behemoth, has decided that Santa’s centuries old sleigh is needs change for the modern age, and that it needs to get more environment friendly. Keeping that in mind, they have designed a new sleigh for Mr. Claus, and this one has the goodness of modern technology, and no boot space to carry all those gifts Santa is supposed to bring along.

Features for the new sleigh made out of carbon fiber composites include icephobic coatings to keep it free from snow, Ceramic Matrix Composites for sleigh blades, self powered OLEDs, GE Sodium batteries, GE Trip Optimizer/ Cruise Control, wearable RFID sensor, medical sensor and a 500GB holographic disk to keep his lists in.

That however, does not mean that Rudolph and company are going out of job, the sleigh will still be pulled by reindeers though Santa may decide to drive using GE’s batteries.

Source: TFTS