NYC Gets a Solar Powered EV Charging Station

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

solar charging stations NYC Gets a Solar Powered EV Charging Station

As electric vehicles grow, it becomes important to power the same through electricity generated by clean sources, rather than relying on the “dirty” ones like coal or oil. Beautiful Earth Group has installed a solar powered charging station at Red Hook, Brooklyn. As its name suggests, the station uses energy collected from the sun to charge EVs.

A soaring array of photovoltaic panels gives the off-grid charging station a capacity of nearly 6kW, which the company says is sufficient to power a small house. Energy generated by solar panels is stored in a battery bank located at the upper level of the station. This ensures that there is enough power to meet the requirements of customers.

As interest in electric vehicles continues to increase, we may get to see a lot more of such innovative charging stations. The fact that this station has been made from recycled shipping containers, makes it look even better.

Source: JetsonGreen