Samsung’s Z6.0 Eco Vacuum Cleaner Uses 50% Less Power

December 17, 2009 / No Comments

energy efficient vacuum Samsungs Z6.0 Eco Vacuum Cleaner Uses 50% Less Power

Samsung have just unveiled their latest vacuum cleaner, which was developed with being nature-friendly in mind. The device sucks much better than the company’s previous models, which, combined with its energy-efficient design, makes it use 50% less power overall – that’s right, more efficiency at half the power consumption!

If you didn’t know, an average vacuum cleaner uses about 1500 watts – running one at half that without compromising effectiveness is quite an impressive feat. The Siemens Z6.0 Power and Z6.0 Eco utilize their airflow much more efficiently, making use of technology designed for aircraft use in its engine.

The real energy savings come with the Eco model though – the Power one consumes 2500 watts, while the Eco uses 1200, but gives you the performance of a 2400 watt model – thanks to its specially engineered compressor. The one downside to the device is that it still uses the traditional waste bags, which contribute to the garbage problem – but using less power easily makes up for that.

[ Via Treehugger ]