Underground House in Sweden is Both Beautiful and Nature-Friendly

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

underground home vals switzerland mountain house 2 Underground House in Sweden is Both Beautiful and Nature Friendly

In Vals, Switzerland, modern architecture has been problematic for quite some time now – there’s a beautiful untouched landscape that just takes your breath away there, and the local community is mostly in agreement that architects are slowly destroying it with their new designs. Knowing that, it’s hard to imagine a house that’s both stylish and accepted by this community – but SeArch architects, together with Christian Müller, have managed to pull it off – the house is built underground, therefore it doesn’t affect the landscape in any significant way.

Inside, the interior is far more luxurious than you’d expect from an underground house – while it does resemble a bunker slightly, it’s been decorated and furnished very exquisitely, with all the amenities you’d need to live a normal life there.

As an added bonus, the house’s location practically solves its heating/cooling problems – during the winter, heat is easily preserved in the underground house, while in the summer, you can always stroll downstairs and enjoy the refreshing coolness.

[ Via Inhabitat ]