Christmas Trees For Rent Make Good Sense

December 18, 2009 / No Comments

rental christmas trees Christmas Trees For Rent Make Good Sense

Christmas trees are decked and decorated for the big day, and after that, they are mostly discarded and left away. Obviously, there can be better use for these green trees, the best option being to let them grow and be put to use again.

Scott Martin, a landscape architect realized that the trees could really be saved, and he offered people to have Christmas trees on rent, and return them to the nursery after the season. The bad economy probably did help the tree rental business a bit, but the idea itself seems very tenable and interesting.

Prices for the trees range from $50 to $185, and can be ordered online. Once a tree is ordered, Martin determines the delivery day according to geography, to save up on time and fuel. To make things better, all delivery trucks run on biofuel, adults with disabilities take care of the trees, and drivers pick up donations for Goodwill and used wrapping paper for recycling.

Source: The New York Times