Sensitile Terazzo Tiles Bring LED-Lit Style to Your Floor

December 21, 2009 / No Comments

sensitile lighting Sensitile Terazzo Tiles Bring LED Lit Style to Your Floor

LED lights are finding their way into our households in more and more items. While Sensitile isn’t exactly an example of green technology, it’s still a curious insight into the future of LED lighting. Those fibers have the capability to be lit from any source – even a solar one. They transfer light around the panel’s surface randomly, causing interesting visual effects.

The tiles themselves are built from a micro-concrete mix, and the “light channel” optic fibers run through it. It has the advantage of being very durable, while also looking stylish. The effect is triggered by shadows moving on the surface of the tiles, which causes random patterns of light movement.

The benefits of this technology for society are also there – it can be used as a good way to provide emergency lighting. And while the website of the company is being rebuilt right now, you can still find lots of information at We look forward to seeing what creative uses people will come up with for this.

[ Via Treehugger ]