Christmas Tree Made Out of Recycled Mountain Dew Cans

December 22, 2009 / No Comments

mountain dew tree Christmas Tree Made Out of Recycled Mountain Dew Cans

A lot has been said about the Christmas tree in the last few days, ranging from Christmas trees for rent, to topics more similar to the one on hand, like the Christmas tree made from bike parts, and the one made from 1000 beer bottles. The latter however, did not have recycled bottles, but this tree gets rid of that problem by using recycled Mountain Dew cans.

This tree has been made out of 400 cans, and that the cans are green in color only helps the purpose. Drinking that amount of soda isn’t going to help your health or the environment, but if you must drink it, something creative like this atones for the sin.

The tree was created by Graphic designer David Barstow, who along with a few friends gulped down all those cans of Mountain Dew in three months to make this tree. It is a few years old, but still manages to get attention at this time of the year.

Source: TreeHugger

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