Deca-BDE Flame Retardant to be Phased Out of the US by 2013

December 22, 2009 / 1 Comment

flame retardant dress Deca BDE Flame Retardant to be Phased Out of the US by 2013

Deca-BDE is the most commonly used flame retardant material in the US, and around the world as a whole. However, by 2013, this material will be completely removed from application in the United States, as a result of a new deal between Chemtura and Albemarie Corporation, its US producers – ICL Industrial Products Inc, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The reason is that PBDEs are very closely related to PCBs, which have been under a ban for almost 30 years now, as they can cause various conditions, ranging from immune suppression, endocrine disruption, as well as behavioral problems.

There’s already a program under way that is aimed at speeding up the market’s transition to more sustainable solutions for flame retardant materials, which also includes a three-year phase-out of sales of Deca anywhere in the US.

There’s one problem with this, though – the ban does not cover imported products which contain the compund. However, the people behind this project are confident that it will bring a change in the use of flame retardants.

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  • Jason Sabo

    We have reached a pivotal point in fire safety. Recently, the fire protection industry announced a new generation of fire safety products. Citizens for Fire Safety has worked tirelessly to encourage and promote this next generation of fire retardant products that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly. This groundbreaking move is one of many in the industry’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and fire safety.
    This commitment has been hailed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, credited by the International Association of Fire Fighters, and will undoubtedly prove to be the paramount model of sustainable fire safety in the future.
    The EPA agreement sets forth a rational, effective transition to newer alternatives, while allowing critical services such as police, fire and airlines to continue to use existing fire safety products that are critically important to saving lives. Proactive fire safety companies have already announced the production of environmentally-friendly fire retardants which minimize the use of raw materials, energy, byproducts and waste. This progressive thinking is largely a result of the efforts of Citizens for Fire Safety and their coalition of supporters across the nation.
    As we make this transition, we must remain watchful of legislation that would preemptively ban existing products, leaving communities without adequate fire safety protection. This kind of legislation has been recently considered in states like Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, New York and Connecticut. While these states should be commended for their vigilance in the fight for fire safety and environmental health, we believe that the timeline that has been worked out with the EPA is the most appropriate. Let’s trust the scientists of the federal environmental agencies and not act precipitously to put our families and children at risk of serious injury or death. An effective national solution to this critical issue is the only solution that is truly safe.
    In order to stay at the forefront of fire safety, Citizens for Fire Safety needs your support. It is our job to keep you informed as an important new generation of fire safety emerges. If you have any questions regarding the EPA announcement, state legislation, or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact Citizens for Fire Safety at 310-310-2616 or


    Jason Sabo
    Citizens for Fire Safety