Difuss Dress Signals CO2 Presence

December 22, 2009 / No Comments

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LED lights on a dress aren’t really something new, but sometimes designers manage to grab your attention with something unique and good-looking. The Difuss pollution dress is full of embroidery which conducts electricity, and it’s equipped with hundreds of LED lights. The lights are then connected to a CO2 detector, and it’s used to control them.

The LEDs react to the environment accordingly – they either pulsate slowly, or blink in rapidly. A curious thing is that the LEDs are controlled by an Arduino chip, which means that they should be highly programmable, allowing users to do all sorts of stuff with them.

The dress looks remarkably good too, so it wouldn’t be strange to consider wearing it – unlike some other “green” clothing articles, which look outright terrible. It’s good to see that green designers aren’t actually as limited in their creativity as it might seem at first.

If you’re a female looking to impress with your green awareness, or on the other hand, looking to impress your female partner in this way – this should be the perfect solution.

[ Via Engadget ]