Controllable LED Bulbs Can Direct Your Light

January 4, 2010 / No Comments

directional LED Controllable LED Bulbs Can Direct Your Light

LED light bulbs, while still not very popular, aren’t exactly new – but the concept of a remote-controlled, aimed one is, and it sounds interesting. The LED bulb has a non-transparent outer shell which can open up, letting light shine through a crack and illuminate a specific part of the room only.

The bulb comes wi th a remote control which adjusts the shell, changing the crack’s position. This allows you to dynamically change the light’s direction, and target it at a part of your room.

According to its creators, this bulb should eliminate the need for having multiple light bulbs around the room to achieve an even illumination in all areas. And while it does sound interesting, we can’t help but wonder about the obvious – what’s the problem with just getting rid of the shell and letting the bulb shine all around? The aperture will probably cause a more concentrated stream of light, but we’re yet to see if it will be worth it.

[ Via Treehugger ]