How To Be Green In The New Year – Part 1

January 4, 2010 / No Comments

greenstar How To Be Green In The New Year – Part 1

I was searching the web for “Green New Year” and found the perfect way to bring in a Green New Year. Not only that, but I found it at Target!

15” Green Foil Star from Target

Here is an idea I came up with myself: Eat plenty of rice.

You might think I’m crazy that this will help you make this a green year. The greenness isn’t in the actual eating of the rice. I hear you saying “Well is it eating rice or not?”

Let me say that you have to eat the rice first before you can be green.

First, don’t eat Uncle Ben’s instant rice. I like Uncle Ben’s rice, but it will not work in this case, unless you can buy it in 20-50-pound sacks!

Buy your rice in a large cloth or woven plastic sack. The woven plastic sack is actually made of polyethylene fibers that they make rope from.

Then eat the rice.

Now take the sack (if you followed the instructions for opening the sack, you will have a nice edge to work with.

Take 3 inches from the top of the sack and cut it off. You should have a ring of material.

Flatten it out and fold it lengthwise. Then sew the strip lengthwise to keep it together.

Fold the open end of the sack inward on itself in 1 inch folds three times and sew it. Now you should have a nice opening that will not unravel and will be strong.

Take the strap you made and sew each end on opposite sides of the sack lip. You should now have a nice reusable shopping bag to take to the store.

You will also save all those plastic trees that are cut down each year to make those plastic shopping bags.