Edible Sake Bottles Are Good Company With the Drink

January 6, 2010 / 1 Comment

sake bottles Edible Sake Bottles Are Good Company With the Drink

Edible sake bottles made from sun dried squid have been traditionally used in Japan for a long time, but they went into the background as the drink’s popularity increased and it traveled to other lands. Now, with changing times, there appears to be a market for these bottles, and they are gearing up for a comeback. Those who like the taste of the rice wine, may quite like to take a bite of the bottle, which gets an enhanced flavor and great taste after about five uses.

These traditional bottles are called “Ika Tokkuri” and are completely edible. They are made from partially dried cuttlefish stuffed with grain or rice, and then left to dry completely and be ready for use as a bottle. As sake is poured into these bottles, the wine absorbs some of the bottle’s salty flavor and more smooth and mild. With authorities in the city of Takahama, Japan, setting up the “Committee to Reinstate the Sake Bottle Squid” the future looks bright for the bottle.

Source: Inhabitat

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  • Sebastian / January 6, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    wow – something I’ve never seen before. – wahnsinn that there is something. but you never stop learning. the Japanese were, as far as the food and drink has always been something – so how should I say “different” .. cool idea!

    PS: the idea, save the environment a lot of garbage 😉

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