Jeweler Creates Rings Embedded With Live Plants

January 6, 2010 / No Comments

rings with moss Jeweler Creates Rings Embedded With Live Plants

The ring collection from Jeweler Hafsteinn Juliusson wouldn’t quite qualify as eco-friendly, but it does come across as a great way to spread the green message. Rings in the jeweler/ designers collection come with a stainless steel base, but have the biggest jewel of them all, nature embedded at the top. These rings have Icelandic moss plants as their crowning glory, leading the way for them to be called “clash of jewellery and gardening.”

The moss, like any other plant, needs some care. The wearer would have to water them and take good care of them, pruning though, won’t be necessary as the moss won’t grow very noticably during the time. If taken well care of, the moss could last for nearly six months. The innovative green rings don’t come cheap though, each will cost 485 pounds, and we hope there’s a way to get that moss growing and thriving again after that six months time is over.

Source: Telegraph